In the Hall

This impressive building really does deserve it's name. When the golden rays of sunshine are flooding the space and painting the arcs with gold, this is a great place to take a break.

Avy is in her 3rd year here at P.A.U.C. and she has learned a lot! From her early days on she was enjoying the warmth of pee streaming out of her fanny. But now she knows how much pleasure this can be for others too!

Taking it deep

Peeing is fun - but peeing while giving head is even better! Raja got this new pair of high heels she wanted to surprise her boyfriend with. So she stripped off all her clothes and and only dressed with her new shoes she went out into the arcades where Ramon was reading a book.

Of course he was not alone there with all the other students watching Raja bending over Ramon's pants, ripping them off and taking his prick deep into her throat.

And then she let herself go ...

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