The Pleasure of Secrets

It is a secret phantasy of many a girl to pee in public while no one takes notice of her silent pleasure.

Maggy is such a shy girl - one might think at first sight. But if you know her better you will be surprised how cheeky this little brat can be and pee!

Sitting in a library, no one says a word. All the people around are concentrated and it is so quite you might here a pin falling. Naughty Mag just got her tight dress and a green panty to cover her loaded puss. And while she is sitting and smiling it is getting warm and wet beween her thighs. How she can control it, letting loose for just a moment - long enough to ... read more ...

Easy Shot

A panty can be one of the most uncomfortable things to wear. Says Dora who is a declared hater of any undies. It's so easy to squat down and pass water if you are not disturbed by any piece of cloth. I love to walk through town and relieve myself when I have too. A lonly corner is enough for me to give me delight.

Together with my classmates I am practicing outdoor peeing whenever possible. At PA campus this is normal and not very thrilling. So we spend our leisure time visiting other cities for setting our liquid landmarks there. It's so funny to watch people getting aroused or enraged when you are leaving a puddle right before them.

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